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Yoast SEO Premium WordPress GPL


  • Updated On – Dt. 02.01.2023
  • Version: V19.6
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Yoast SEO Premium WordPress


Yoast Seo Premium Plugin Honest Review

We may not always respond within a minute, but we try to respond as quickly as possible and we are constantly expanding this team to be faster and faster and they can help you with configuration questions and with specific questions about what is not working . in your installation.

Now I would like to tell you about a more robust feature set. First, you get social insights. Do you know Yoast SEO code snippet preview? The social media preview is a preview of what your page will look like when shared on Facebook and Twitter. Also, you can use up to five keywords in a post instead of just one.

So while you can set one target keyword per article in Yoast SEO Free, you can use up to five in Yoast SEO Premium so you can optimize for synonyms or optimize for multiple related words in an article. In addition, we give you suggestions for internal links. We give you advice on other pages of your site to connect to this page.

I’ll give you more on this in a second. We give you an overview of the content. We tell you which words you used most often on this page or in a post. It is so simple. We do a word count and give you the most used words, but this piece of information can actually be invaluable when optimizing your post.

When you realize that you are writing for a much larger keyword than the target keyword you want to write your post for. We have a redirect manager that allows you to create redirects. This seems relatively trivial, but it’s not built into WordPress, so you need a way to redirect the user from one URL to another when they visit your site. I’ll talk more about that in a second.

How is Yoast SEO Premium different from the free version of Yoast?

Yoast SEO Premium

  • Optimize keywords, key phrases, synonyms, related keywords and all their word forms: Improve your page rank considering synonyms and related keywords. We’ll also show you how they are distributed across your page! Wordforms are available in English, Dutch, German and Spanish, with more coming soon!
  • Tell Google what your page is about. Make sure Google, Bing, Pinterest, and other platforms know exactly what your page is about by properly adding schema.org data. Faster indexing, richer results!
  • Know when to update your most important pages! – We’ll monitor your most important pages and let you know if they haven’t been updated in six months. Google loves fresh content!
  • Preview your page on Google, Bing, Facebook and Twitter: You will have a clear idea of how your page will appear in search results and you will have full control over how your page will appear on Facebook and Twitter. So, are you sure it convinces people to click on it.
  • Get internal link suggestions in real time. – When you write, you get recommended links to other pages. Google loves these internal links and may reward you with higher rankings.
  • We will ask you what you would like us to do with each removed page. – In this way, old pages are seamlessly redirected to new ones. This is how you make your visitors and Google happy.
  • Make sure search engines can find your content. – Get an overview of all pages without links to other pages. Search engines need at least one link to find and index a page before it appears in search results.
  • 24/7 support. Their excellent and knowledgeable support team loves to help you personally with every question you ask via email.
  • No ads – We have removed ads for you. We love your support! Thank you!
  • Get an overview of your SEO scores and focus on keywords. – You can automatically generate a CSV file that will give you an overview of your keywords, URL, readability score and title. Thus, it is easy to understand what should be optimized further.

Yeast free

  • Only one keyword or key phrase per page: You risk missing out on search traffic for synonyms or related terms. Manually check if you use all the synonyms and related words that you want to rank in your text often enough.
  • Premium and Free – Because it improves the web in general, we’ve included it in both our paid and free plugins!
  • Follow all pages manually. – You will have to manually check if any outdated pages need to be updated.
  • There is no preview of your page on Facebook and Twitter. Do you know what your page might look like on Google and Bing, but for Facebook and Twitter? You can only guess and cross your fingers.
  • You must search for the relevant pages yourself. – Remember to take extra time to research related pages to link to every page you create and all current pages on your website.
  • You must create a redirect every time you delete a page. – If you forget to redirect, your visitors will be stuck on a 404 page. And Google doesn’t like those “Page Not Found” messages.
  • You must search these pages yourself. – You will have to manually check if your site has links to relevant pages.
  • No support – You can help yourself with our extensive knowledge base. There are over 580 articles, so your question is definitely there.
  • Advertisements: You will see advertisements for our other great products and services.
  • No Dashboard – You will need to go to your website and compile this Excel Dashboard yourself.

Other Benefits of Yoast Premium

  • Free updates every two weeks
  • Includes all free plugin features such as:
  • Readability check
  • SEO analysis
  • Full control over the breadcrumb
  • Always updated for Google algorithm

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